Farm Tours

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Current Status

An educational farm tour is currently in the development phase, tentatively scheduled to be offered to the public in the fall of 2019.


Learning Objectives

For school and civic groups interested in learning about sustainable agriculture, Chez Nous farm will offer a hands-on, up close look at the many parts of a small scale, diversified livestock and produce operation. Visitors will gain a greater understanding and appreciation for how wildlife habitat plays an important role in farm productivity; how good pasture management relates to resilient livestock; and why soil fertility and structure are fundamental to nutrient-dense, clean food that is the basis of long term health. Furthermore, we will learn about the rebirth of local food systems and organic agriculture.


More specifically, the enterprises we will look at include the following: greenhouse raspberry production using innovative fabric grow bags; the management of forage and livestock production in a rotational grazing system; woodland habitat management; honeybee production; plant habitats for pollinators.


Greenhouse raspberry production


Forage and livestock production


Woodland habitat management


Honeybee production


Plant habitats for pollinators

Teaching Qualifications

I hold a master’s degree in science education and earned a decade of teaching experience-some in the public school system but mostly in conservation education. Since 2014 I have invested a great deal in my education, training, and experience to start and manage this small farm business. I am passionate about teaching and helping others to understand the vital importance of small farms and their role in healthy food and vibrant communities.