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Fresh Raspberries

1/2 Pint  $4.50


Frozen Raspberries

1 pound  $7.00

Red Raspberry Production Established in 2018

In May

230 bare-root seedlings were planted into fabric grow bags. This method allows for greater control of weeds and moisture.


In June

construction was completed on a 30’ x 96 high tunnel, including a state-of-the-art irrigation and trellis system.

By August

the new plants began bearing fruit and continued until the first 20 degree night in early November, yielding a total of 150 pounds for the season. Being perennial plants, they are now dormant but will begin producing again in late June. The 2019 estimated harvest could be close to 1,000 pounds!


Why these fruits are of the best quality…

Good health begins in the soil. Healthy soil is biologically active and adequately mineralized. I had the soil tested and applied recommended foliar supplements during the growing season. Thus, healthy soil produces healthy plants, and healthy plants make healthy bodies for you and me!

Furthermore, healthy plants not only give us the best food, they also resist insects and disease better, thus reducing or eliminating the need for interventions. I saw negligible signs of insect predation in 2018. If or when pest or disease management may be needed, I would use organically approved treatment products labeled ORMI.

See FAQ page for an explanation of why and how I practice organic methods.

I am adamantly opposed to the use of synthetic / engineered chemicals because I believe that very few if any have ever been adequately tested to prove that they aren’t harmful to our bodies. The safest policy is to avoid them altogether whenever possible.