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Fresh Raspberries

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Frozen Raspberries

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Red Raspberry Production Established in 2018

In May

230 bare-root seedlings were planted into fabric grow bags. This method allows for greater control of weeds and moisture.


In June

construction was completed on a 30’ x 96 high tunnel, including a state-of-the-art irrigation and trellis system.

By August

The new plants began bearing fruit and continued until the first 20 degree night in early November, yielding a total of 150 pounds for year one.  Being perennial plants, they are dormant in the winter and will begin producing again in late June.


Why these fruits are of the best quality…

Good health begins in the soil.  Healthy soil is biologically active with adequate minerals.  Regularly scheduled foliar feedings during the growing season are tailored to soil test results.  Additional compost is added as needed.  Thus the plants are healthier as are the people who eat the fruits.

Furthermore, healthy plants better resist insects and disease pressures, thus reducing the need for interventions.

See FAQ page for an explanation of why and how I practice organic methods.

Pesticides are not used.